The J D Neuhaus air operated lifting equipment has a proven pedigree for operating in the shipyard and offshore industries, with a range of hoists and winches which provide sensitive positioning controls with rugged, safe and reliable lifting capabilities.

The installing and disassembly procedures for propellers and drive shafts together with rudder blades and shafts have been routinely undertaken, together with both lifting and removal of heavy equipment in engine rooms. A typical example has been the replacement of a 34 ton starboard propeller on the US aircraft carrier Enterprise. This operation was successfully carried out underwater in Francisco Bay using three JDN Profi air hoists, each with a capacity of 50 tonnes. JDN lifting equipment also has an Ex rating as standard, making it suitable for refurb work on vessels that may previously have been carrying hazardous or potentially explosive cargo.

The JDN equipment available includes the Profi range of hoists with lifting capacities from 250kg up to 100 tonnes. These are equipped with mounting lugs for overhead rail mounting using manual, reel chain or air-motor operated trolleys. Low headroom trolleys are also available for operation in confined areas or where space is at a premium. For the lower load requirements, the JDN mini air hoists are available, with load capacities from 125 to 1000kg. Air operated Profi winches for lift and pull operations can also be supplied. These have capacities up to 2000kg (lifter) and 3000kg (puller).

Typical advantages of JDN air operated equipment include the absence of any electrical source for lifting or motive power, so eliminating the potential for inadvertent spark ignition. Non-polluting compressed air operation at 4 to 6 bar pressure, with motor overload protection and 100% duty rating is provided. Sensitive positioning of loads is achieved with optional controls being available, while all equipment is suitable for use in damp or dusty conditions and is insensitive to temperatures in the range of -20°C to +70°C. Hoists can also be used for oblique lifting when special safety precautions are observed. All products have compact designs, with low weight, ensuring ease of both handling and installation. With high quality materials used throughout, they are durable and provide reliable, maintenance-free operation.

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