J D Neuhaus, leading supplier of hoists and crane systems have been working in close collaboration with end users to develop the new Mini series of air hoists.  This has resulted in an extraordinarily compact and innovative lifting device with an integrated NFC (Near Field Communication) sensor and service app that makes it truly unique in the industry. With various innovations incorporated in the concept, a multitude of improvements and new developments ensure maximum productivity, occupational safety and efficiency.

Special emphasis was placed on reducing the end-user’s total cost of ownership (TCO) of the hoist. Reliable processes in the working sequence contribute to increased efficiency, achieved for 100% of the active operation time, by extending the service life significantly. Not only is the hoist optimised for outstanding overall efficiency, but the new Mini is also available around the clock (365/24/7). Unrivalled simple and fast maintenance further enhances efficiency, while also enhanced is highly sensitive, continuous control of hoisting and lowering speeds for which the Mini is known worldwide.

Innovation details

JDN has been able to increase the maximum speed at full load, with the Mini 500 achieving a 20% increase over speeds achieved by the previous model. Additionally, the maximum speed can also be adjusted without losing power at a given load capacity, meaning loads are even better protected when necessary, without compromising speed control. J D Neuhaus has therefore succeeded in combining the advantages of direct and indirect controlling, so that the operator can lift and lower loads smoothly.

New control lines bundled in one hose provide more operating comfort by keeping the lines from twisting during operation.

The new Mini from J D Neuhaus even has something to offer when it comes to maintenance, since work can be performed directly on the lifting device without removing it from the beam, drastically reducing downtime during operation. And thanks to the NFC chip, the operator can access device-specific information and documentation on their smartphone as long as they have downloaded the JDN service app. This saves time and ensures that the necessary documents are available digitally.

The number of operating hours until the legally required general overhaul of the Mini has been doubled, allowing the new Mini to stay in operation for 800 hours. Such a development dramatically increases the device’s efficiency compared to the previous model, constituting an important contribution to the reduction of total cost of ownership. The developers at JDN also had some things up their sleeves when it came to flexibility: A standardised “interface” for using various types of hooks, now available in steel and stainless steel. A load jacket and chain made of stainless steel and a motor casing of uncoated cast aluminium make the Mini perfect for use in fields such as the food industry.

The Mini offers safety features that are unique the world over including, upon customer request, optional fall supports for both the lifting and lowering phases, capable of holding the maximum capacity of a hoist should it come free of the supporting structure. In addition, the new limit stop offers another safety feature, switching off the hoist and lowering movement as soon as the bumper touches the stop valve. This slows the movement and keeps the chain from getting overloaded. These and other new safety features enhance occupational safety significantly and minimise safety hazards and wear risks.

All in all, the new JDN Mini is a true all-rounder and is available in four carrying capacities, 125kg, 250kg, 500kg and 980kg. In collaboration with customers from a wide variety of industries, J D Neuhaus has developed a product designed for the most varied fields of use: it can be operated in wet and dry environments, when it’s hot and cold, in dust-free rooms or under extremely dirty conditions and in areas where an explosive atmosphere (Zone 2) is present. For the first time ever, JDN has also used high-tech synthetic materials in order to replace high-energy materials while also fulfilling the requirements set and reducing the overall weight of the hoisting device.

For managing partner Wilfried Neuhaus-Galladé, it was especially important to constantly align development with users and their requirements in order to achieve 100% market relevance and to incorporate the demands of the market into the new series.

The new Mini hoist will be premiered at LogiMAT 2018, taking place on 13-15 March in Stuttgart, Germany. Visit JDN in hall 7, stand no. C61 or for further information and to learn more about the new Mini series, please visit

Company information

At its location in Witten, Germany, J D Neuhaus, employ over 200 staff companywide, producing pneumatically and hydraulically operated hoisting devices and crane systems. Its internationally unique specialisation means that J D Neuhaus not only sets the benchmark for quality in their field, but with customers in over 90 countries is also the world market leader. The products are characterised by their ability to steadily and reliably move loads of up to 115 tonnes even under the most extreme conditions of use and with protection against explosion. For gas and oil movement, for example, under Arctic temperatures as low as -45°C, under water for ship repairs, in mining, in the chemicals industry, in heavy machinery construction, and in many areas of logistics. J D Neuhaus supplies a total of around 70 industries.

Production takes place exclusively at the Witten location and the wide selection of products is complemented by services such as installation, inspection, maintenance, and general overhauling of the systems as well as training for customers. In collaboration with international partners, JDN affiliate companies in France, Great Britain, Singapore, and the United States form a close-knit distribution network that spans the globe. The export portion is over 80%.

Founded in 1745 as a family company, the business is now a seventh generation family-owned company. The hoisting device museum at the Witten location showcases this history as a lively part of corporate culture.

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