The J D Neuhaus company have been designing and manufacturing handling equipment for over two and a half centuries, and pioneered the use of compressed air for powering handling equipment in the early 1950’s. The latter development ensured that their lifting and pulling equipment was suitable for use in hazardous areas and environments where there was a potential explosion risk.

Their products, which now also include optional hydraulic powered operation, are used worldwide in all major heavy industries such as mining, oil and gas, construction, shipbuilding, steelworks and even aerospace related for handling rocket parts. With a range that covers lift capacities from 250kg up to a full 100 tonnes, they now offer high performance, reliable products, 100% duty rated, that can be used wherever light, medium or heavy industries require the safe lifting, moving and precise placement of loads. These Ex rated hoists ensure the highest levels of safety for operating in potentially explosive or other dangerous atmospheres which can occur in mining locations.

Over the years, the JDN company have developed many purpose designed products for use in specific industries, including mining which is acknowledged as one of the toughest fields, making extremely high demands on both men and materials. JDN hoists are operating in multiple applications in this area including:

Long Walls: positioning of shield supports (pulling)
Stationary: lifting and lowering working platforms
Horizontal Shafts: in combination with monorails for transport of equipment
Vertical Shafts: lifting and lowering of objects (full profile drilling machines)
General Lifting: including tensioning and pulling tool in works and repair shops
Robbing Of Mines
Routine Operations: many at the coal face
Belt Spanners.
Construction Works: lifting front load buckets
Special Applications: with capacities up to 100 tonnes for securing of vertical full profile drilling machines

Typical advantages offered as standard by JDN mining equipment includes:

  • • Very robust and low-maintenance, ideal for heavy duty
  • • Compact design, low weight with easy handling
  • • Operating air pressure 4 or 6 bar Overload protected motor
  • • 100% duty rating
  • • Sensitive positioning of loads when using the relevant controls
  • • Non-polluting by operation with oil-free air (PROFI series)
  • • Durable due to high quality materials
  • • Suitable for use in dirty, dusty and humid locations
  • • Can be used for oblique hoisting when special safety precautions are observed
  • • Insensitive to temperatures ranging from -20°C up to +70°C
  • • Suitable for applications in hazardous areas as standard
  • • Explosion and flame-proofness with additional spark protection available if required
  • • Low headroom, monorail operation for enclosed spaces
  • • Two load hooks for alternative pulling of heavy loads

JDN products designed specifically for mining and other underground applications include their M series air hoists. They operate off a 4 bar pressure and can be supplied in lift capacities of 1, 2, 3 and 6 tonnes. Twin chain pulls are provided for alternate working and all hoists feature a top hook mounting to accommodate oblique or horizontal pulling of loads. These products can be equipped with two optional control systems for single or two handed operation.

The DS system, which is designed for the two handed operation, has compressed air connected to the hand control valve. A built-in pressure regulator prevents hoist overload in the event of inadmissibly high air pressure. An oiler, situated directly at the hoist motor, is operated from the controller housing to ensure the oil flow automatically ceases when the hoist stops. The operating air immediately initiates the motor when the hand lever is activated. This lever is spring loaded and returns automatically to zero position when released. This forced release also serves as an emergency stop.

The optional PS control is for single handed use with emergency stop fitted as standard. It operates indirectly with a compressed air supply connected to the control valve of the motor. The control pistons of the motor are actuated by the hand control push buttons, which automatically return to zero position.  In the control valve of the motor, a pressure regulator protects the hoist from inadmissibly high pressure, while the integrated oiler provides the necessary lubrication.

Another specifically designed mining product is the SK125 shunting trolley. This also operates off a 4 bar air supply and offers the economic transportation of loads when suspended from lifting beams located underground. Gradients of up to 18° inclination can be negotiated and the unit provides a minimum push/pull of 14 kN at 4 bar pressure.

Typical features include:

Service Brake: a service brake is integrated for releasing the holding brake. When stopping the JDN shunting trolley, the travelling speed decreases to zero and a brake cylinder closes the holding brake

Holding Brake: the effective static holding force is 50 kN to 80 kN

Emergency Brake: centrifugal force actuates emergency braking

Mechanical Tensioning of the friction wheels: for constant pressure against the rail web

Lateral Guiding Rollers: for an optional guidance of the JDN shunting trolley

Brake Shoe Lining Type “Waffle”: for highest lifetime and lowest abrasion of the rail

Slow Speed Device as Standard

Noise Silenced

The Profi TI series hoists are also suitable for underground working and operate off air pressures of 4 or 6 bar, with hydraulically operated units also available. Lift capacities from 250kg up to 100 tonnes are available with traverse trolleys for overhead monorail operation also available for lift ratings up to 20 tonnes maximum capacity. These trolleys can be supplied for manual, reel chain and motorised traverse movements, with rack and pinion drives also available.

Typical features of these robust products include:

  • • Sensitive infinitely variable speed control for the precise positioning of loads
  • • Load chain and hooks manufactured from high quality tempered steels with a breaking strength of five times the nominal load
  • • Patented, permanent motor lubrication during operation, using a high-performance grease
  • • No additional motor lubrication required
  • • Suited for application in Hazardous Areas according to EC Directive on Hazardous Locations 94/9/EEC
  • • As standard: Ex II 2 GD IIA T4(X) / II 3 GD IIB T4(X)
  • • With increased spark protection: Ex II 2 GD IIC T4(X)

A specific mining application of JDN products include a Profi TI hoist with 37 tonne lifting capacity used for the safe and successful handling of an assembled pipeline string of some 1000 metres in length. This involved the connection of individual pipeline sections, each eight metres long, to create a completed string weighing 30 tonnes which had to be positioned within a mining shaft.

The compact and flexible hoist, offered excellent weight/load ratios, with the Profi 37 TI having an all-up weight of 880kg (with a standard 10 metre chain length) while providing an impressive 37.5 tonne lifting capacity. The elimination of any electrical power supply for drive mechanisms or ancillary equipment eliminates the potential for ignition risk, while increased spark-protection features ensure the highest ATEX ratings for hazardous area operation. Hydraulically operated hoists can also be provided where an air supply may not be readily available.  

Further information is available on request to:

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