A new range of point-of-use adsorption dryers called the Atacama range has been introduced by Hi-line Industries Ltd, the compressed air specialists. These new products replace their previous Hi-Zorb range, and have positively driven valves fitted throughout rather than the less reliable shuttle valves previously utilised. Good performance combined with high reliability has been achieved following the elimination of valve failure, leading to extended periods between routine services. The Atacama products, which are fitted as standard with both pre and post filtration facilities, provide dry air at a dewpoint of -40°C. Lower dewpoint models down to -70°C can also be supplied. They are suitable for applications in the medical, dental, food processing and packaging industries as well as powder coating, printing, laser technology, plasma cutting, pneumatic control and general manufacturing.

Well proven extruded aluminium technology is utilised for the twin desiccant filled towers comprising each dryer, each tower being sealed with aluminium valve blocks at the top. Incoming air is being dried as it passes through one desiccant bed while the adjoining dryer chamber is automatically being regenerated using the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) principle. While operating, a small amount of the dried compressed air is used to regenerate the adjacent saturated desiccant bed. This is achieved by the expansion of the introduced air from line pressure to atmospheric pressure, so removing entrapped moisture within the desiccant and thus regenerating the dryer ready for the next change-over cycle. This change-over is instigated automatically, controlled by a digital controller.

This energy-saving system can be further upgraded where required by the introduction of a dewpoint hydrometer probe to provide automatic full dewpoint control. A dewpoint LED display is incorporated in the top right hand corner of the control panel. This smart controller feature can also be retro-fitted to all makes of dryer as an energy saving feature.

A total of 8 of these small, compact dryer models are available off-the-shelf for next day delivery. These cover air flow rates from 5 up to 100cfm, operating at a pressure range of 4 – 16 bar from a standard 240Vac supply.

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