Having built-up a reputation for high performance, energy efficient products, Hi-line Industries Ltd now also confirm that prices for their range of air treatment products will be held unchanged for the 4th consecutive year.

Their product range includes adsorption, refrigerant, desiccant and membrane dryer technologies for general commercial and industrial applications. Specialised requirements for medical, dental and breathing-air operation are also covered with their Hi-Zorb point-of-use desiccant dryers incorporating both filtration and energy control technologies. Adsorption dryers in their range include the HBP-ZL heat regeneration units with zero air-loss qualities. These offer touch-screen control with -70°C and -40°C dewpoints, while also providing heat recovery and heat-of-compression energy-saving options. Their HPSA (heatless pressure swing adsorption) dryers offer -70°C, -40°C and -25°C dewpoints with AEMS dewpoint control and approval of food industry applications. Their membrane technology dryers do not require an electrical supply, ideal for remote site applications where clean, dry air can be provided in the absence of a power supply. Their latest Tundra range of refrigerant air dryers incorporate direct energy technology delivering a constant +3°C dewpoint. An efficient single cell heat exchanger and zero loss condensate removal ensures minimum running costs.

To support their policy of providing a ‘one-stop’ filtration service to industry, Hi-line also offer a wide range of high performance, replacement filter elements/cartridges. With over 147,000 high-quality alternative versions of filtration elements in their range, many well known branded products can be matched or even out-performed with the replacement cartridges fitting into existing housings without any modifications being required. Alternative carbon bag maintenance kits can also be supplied to suit other manufacturers products including Beko Condensate Systems Ltd, Domnick Hunter Ltd, Hankinson Ltd, Ultrafilter Ltd, Zander UK Ltd and Wortmann GmbH.

Their product range also includes individual accessories and separators for oil, air and water as well as Nitrogen generators. The compressed air dryers and filters manufactured at their Burton-on-Trent site are produced under the Hi-line Total Quality Management System and manufactured in accordance with ISO 9002 utilising modern materials and practices with work carried out by qualified personnel. Hydraulic, process and water filters are also available as off-the-shelf products to complement the range of compressed air filter elements also available for immediate delivery.

Both in-house and mobile service and maintenance facilities are also available on a nationwide basis, covering both Hi-line and other manufacturers products, utilising ACRIB registered engineers approved as ‘safe refrigerant handlers’ and operating to higher than F-Gas Regulations.

Further information is available from:
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