The Nitrogen generators available from Hi-line Industries can be matched to individual site demand requirements of Nitrogen users to ensure maximum economy and performance. Nitrogen gas is commonly used throughout many industries where safe, inert environments are required. This includes the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, paint and varnish industries as well as the production of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, together with electronic and glass products.

A growing demand is in the food processing sector where Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is used to prolong the freshness and shelf-life of food products by inhibiting the process of oxidation and decay. In normal environments, MAP treated salad products can have an extended shelf life of several days, with treated sandwich products viable for up to two weeks.

Historically, Nitrogen used for processing applications has been supplied in tankers on a daily or weekly schedule for storage at the user site. However, escalating transportation and fuel costs have impacted on Nitrogen delivery costs and company carbon footprints to the extent where alternative, more cost effective Nitrogen supplies need to be sourced.

With the atmosphere comprising 72.3% Nitrogen, generation on site and on demand is a more practical solution that the Nitrogen generators from Hi-line Industries are able to provide. With the Hi-line equipment, compressed air is generated and treated by drying to a -70°C dewpoint with all oil removed by activated carbon filters. This is then stored in an air receiver prior to entry into the Nitrogen generator on demand, when Oxygen and other trace element gases are also removed using the PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) principle. This involves a carbon molecular sieve medium which offers a shorter cycle time than a zeolite/desiccant. The Nitrogen from the generator is stored in a buffer tank at high purity levels (99.0% to 99.995%) awaiting process demand. The Oxygen and other trace gas molecules are discharged via exhaust silencers.

The Hi-line Nitrogen generators are designed to match individual site usage requirements, and should not be confused with ‘fixed output’ equipment normally available from other suppliers, where operating costs can remain at uncommercially high levels irrespective of actual fluctuating or generally lower level Nitrogen requirements.

The Hi-line Nitrogen generators are highly energy efficient and offer considerable savings over the traditional procedure of bulk purchased liquid Nitrogen stored on site in rented tanks. These Hi-line products also incorporate an award-winning touch-screen control technology with on-board Oxygen analyser, while gas purity, pressure and flow are constantly monitored to maintain the exact requirements as specified by individual customers. A payback time of only six months can be anticipated on the commercial outlay for a Hi-line Nitrogen generator where compared with sites having like for like Nitrogen usages. After this initial payback period, subsequent Nitrogen supplies are then being obtained practically FOC, representing excellent value for money.

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