Following their appointment in 2010 as an authorised supplier for the Kalrez® range of perfluoroelastomer parts manufactured by DuPont™ Performance Polymers, Dichtomatik Ltd are pleased to announce that they have now also been appointed as an official licensee for the full range of Viton®, Vamac® and Zalak®  as well as the Kalrez® finished products available from this world leading supplier.

As an official authorised licensee, Dichtomatik provide an important technical link between DuPont™, as the raw materials supplier, and the end user of finished sealing products as well as intermediary compounders and moulders. Dichtomatik combine a single point of contact with technical backup, service support and full product supply facilities for a wide range of high performance sealing products. Their licensee service also includes full product traceability, covering the requirements of all major industries including automotive, chemical and food processing, power generation, pharmaceuticals, together with oil and gas operations.

A very wide range of sealing products including ‘O’ rings, flat washers, discs, mouldings and cords in both standard or alternative sizes and configurations can be provided.

With the specialised range of DuPont™ materials, sealing problems involving extremes of pressure, temperature, friction and chemical resistance can be overcome to reduce component or equipment breakdowns for proprietary manufactured products. This can ensure cost savings for both equipment suppliers and end users, while also providing extended lifetime operations with minimum production downtime for plant operators.

Dichtomatik offer an ex-stock delivery with same day dispatch covering many thousands of individual sealing products. This time sensitive approach also extends to their technical support responses to customer queries, covering a wide range of general engineering applications as well as the use of aggressive process fluids.

Further information on the DuPont™ raw materials can be found on Dichtomatik dedicated websites:

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